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Uncategorized21 September 2018

Blaine Higgs, leader of The Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick is urging New Brunswickers to listen to audio from an interview with reporters on September 20th and judge for themselves if recent headlines in Acadie Nouvelle are fair and accurate.

The audio is posted on and is also available on PCNB’s Facebook page.

During the question and answer session with reporters, Mr. Higgs was asked if he would work with other parties if the PC Party was to form a minority government.  Mr. Higgs explained he is willing to work with any party to move New Brunswick forward. It’s a position he maintains today.

Unfortunately Acadie Nouvelle has since run a series of stories with headlines like “Blaine Higgs prêt à gouverner avec I’Alliance des gens.”  Which translated means “Blaine Higgs is ready to govern with the People’s  Alliance.”

That headline and others like it are misleading.

Our party reached out to Acadie Nouvelle to ask that the headline be changed as it was not accurate. Our request was refused.

While Mr. Higgs respects the freedom of the press and other media, he feels strongly he has been misrepresented.

Accurate information is always important but with an election days away it is essential the people of New Brunswick know the truth.

“I am open to working with other parties, but only in instances when the principles of the PC Party are upheld. The PC Party respects and will protect bilingualism in New Brunswick,” says Blaine Higgs.

Mr. Higgs is focused on forming a majority government with representation from every area of the province which includes both Francophone and Anglophone candidates.écidez_PCNB