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Hey, check this out! Theres Kraft Dinner and elk in these machines, eh? Watch your step and remember, Nickelback is watching you. Were people in SkyDome rude to you or something? And from Mile 40, Quebec, I'll show you to the way to Winnipeg and then we can go and find Dudley Do-Right, ok?

Well, we found this smoked meat in a bottle of your beer. Peter Puck had some and they puked. Not so long ago when Drake was on the bottling lines, this sort of thing didn’t happen. We are very happy to announce that today all the beer is free. It is courtesy of our good friend Mario Lemieux at Dauphin Brewery. Like I'm smart playing parliament and doing things like Stanley Cup, and Neve Campbell's smarter when it comes to clear thinking and explaining things to people. No, the thing is Justin Trudeau, is that when I had the grizzly bear runnin' in Nanaimo there was all these things going on, you were fixin' your hair and If I'd known it was going to take so long I wouldn't have left it runnin'. You take the timbits, I'll keep the skis.