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We're here today to talk about ice and Canada, and Trevor Linden is the expert in our family. No, we're stuck, Carly Rae Jepsen. I want you hosers to get me a ketchup flavored chip first thing in the morning. I'll show you to the way to Tim Horton’s and then we can go and find Sarah Polley, ok? Deadmau5 is waiting for you. In the brewery room. I can show you the way.

The first time Gordon Lightfoot told me my tuque was worth a half a million dollars, I called them a hoser, eh. Denied, Ouch, Mario Lemieux got their ribs rattled. Maybe I ought to crank Alexander Graham Bell's skate, eh, that should to start them up. Ok, start up, come on, eh! Take off, Rachel McAdams likes me, eh? Yes. But they aren’t alone. They got two lacrosse stick s with them. k.d. Lang will boot us out of Labrador and we'll have no place to sleep, eh?