A PC Government will stop a carbon tax – before it degrades our fishing industry

Platform19 September 2018

Grand Manan, NB:  Few industries will feel the effects of the Liberal Carbon Tax more than  New Brunswick’s fishing industry. The carbon tax would significantly drive up the cost of fuel and that means fishing crews will be paying more every time their boats head out to sea. It is an extra cost the industry can’t absorb.

“Our fishing industry is already under pressure – from restrictions and closures that shortened the lobster season in some areas of New Brunswick– to competition from countries that don’t play by the same rules we do,” says Blaine Higgs Leader of the Progressive Conservative party of New Brunswick. “Adding a carbon tax to the fuel they need to do their work is a financial hit many fishermen can’t afford.”

Mr. Higgs will:

Stand up for New Brunswick’s fishing industry and the families that depend on it.

Stop the carbon tax by joining the court challenge with other provinces

Ensure we continue to meet or exceed our emissions targets.

Those in the lobster industry are vulnerable to the impact of the carbon tax because fisherman have no control over the market price of lobster. That means there is no way to recoup the extra cost of fuel caused by the carbon tax. The lobster fishing industry is also greatly impacted by currency fluctuations. If the Canadian dollar gains strength and the carbon tax isn’t stopped the results could be disastrous for lobster fishermen.

“The fishery isn’t just an industry, it’s a way of life and the backbone of many New Brunswick communities including Grand Manan. If the fishing industry suffers so do the communities and families that depend on it. Not on my watch. The Liberal Carbon Tax must be stopped.”