A PC Government will make it cheaper to own a car

Platform18 September 2018

Oromocto, NB: The cost of purchasing and owning a vehicle in New Brunswick is unnecessarily high. No one knows this more than those buying second hand vehicles. Many are being gouged when it comes to paying the sales tax.   A PC government would change that.

“From front license plates we don’t need to paying HST on the book value instead of the purchase price, New Brunswickers are paying too much to get their cars on the road,” says Blaine Higgs, leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick.

Mr. Higgs will work with industry and consumers to ensure we are legislating for the benefit of taxpayers – while protecting the system against those who might abuse it with fake receipts.

Today Mr. Higgs committed to:

Charge HST on the actual purchase price of a vehicle.

Eliminate the front license plate.

Give taxpayers the option to pay for vehicle registration every two years
instead of annually.

Work with car enthusiasts to ensure fair taxation and an easier registration process.

“We are looking for ways to help New Brunswickers keep more of their hard-earned money,” says Higgs. “People pay too much tax already. They should be able to purchase and register their vehicles with as much convenience and as little cost as possible.”