A PC Government will support families with special needs children

Platform8 September 2018

Grand Falls, NB: Families with special needs children need more support than they’re currently getting from the Gallant government.

Those living outside of a well-served city-centre can find themselves cut-off from much needed resources and expertise.

“Keeping these families strong and capable is necessary to ensure New Brunswickers with disabilities reach their potential, and care-givers maintain their quality of life,” says Blaine Higgs, leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick. “We have to do better at connecting them to an effective support community, so the challenges of their daily lives are eased and so they can plan for the future.”

Today Mr. Higgs pledged $400,000 a year to establish a Family Advocacy Resource pilot project. A PC government will:

Engage with a non-profit partner agency with experience in the delivery of similar programs, in four regions around the province.

Create at least four Family Advocate positions, who will be “boots on the ground” for families, connecting them with available resources and supports, providing them with information and educational tools, actively advocating for resources, and helping them with long-term planning.

Work with families and the agency partner to design the program and evaluate its success after two years.

“Allowing families with special needs children to live in isolation and crisis is just unacceptable,” says Higgs. “Under a Blaine Higgs government, these families are going to get the support they need and deserve.”