Statement – October 9th

Fredericton, NB:  As we count down the days until the legislature is called back, I would like to once again ask Brian Gallant to do what is best for New Brunswick and resign.

Our province has pressing issues that need to be dealt with. We need a functioning, legitimate government and time is of the essence.

Every day matters when you consider the deadlines for the carbon tax, the pressing issues of the softwood lumber tariff and our credit rating. There are also flood victims who still need help, and the daily challenges of New Brunswickers who need a government that is working for them.

Last week we saw Brian Gallant announce his new cabinet. You will notice none of my members are in it.

That means he still doesn’t have the numbers he needs to pass a vote of confidence in the house.

Brian Gallant is stalling and is trying his best with smoke and mirrors to give the illusion that he is governing and that it is business as usual when it is anything but.

New Brunswickers deserve better than an illegitimate government with a mock cabinet.

Is Mr. Gallant really going to go through the spectacle of delivering a throne speech and all of us partaking in up to 6 days of debate? He is fighting to the bitter end in a battle he can’t win – all with the hopes of changing the results handed down by New Brunswickers.

I hope Mr. Gallant spent some of the long weekend reflecting on his actions as a leader. I know that his leadership is being questioned within his own party and his inability to put the needs of our province above his political ambitions is leaving the people of this province confused, uncertain, and in some cases, angry.

While Mr. Gallant pretends all is well, New Brunswickers aren’t buying it.

I’m certainly not buying it.  I will be busy this week preparing to form the government New Brunswickers voted in – a PC minority government.

I will be meeting with each of my caucus members this week so I can choose my cabinet. I want New Brunswickers to be reassured we are ready to govern, and we are moving forward in a real and substantive way.

No smoke and mirrors. Just a PC minority government putting the needs of this province first – because that is what New Brunswickers voted for.