Statement – October 3, 2018

Fredericton, NB: I want New Brunswickers to know that we are hard at work ensuring that this province will have the stable government it needs.

After a few days of discussions with the Green party, I am pleased to say our talks went well and we found many issues we are aligned on. We have a better understanding going forward on how we can work together for the benefit of our province.

Our discussions with Mr. Coon and the Green party were done in an open and transparent way with a focus on process.

I want to be clear that what I said last week still stands. We don’t intend to form a coalition government with any party and when I said no backroom deals I meant it.

Both David Coon and I have experience in the legislature and we both feel the process is a broken one. We are focused on fixing it for all members.

As you are already aware Mr. Austin has confirmed to the Lieutenant Governor that he will not trigger an election for at least 18 months if our party forms a minority government. I believe Mr. Coon also wants to avoid another election.

I want New Brunswickers to know that there is an urgency for us to deal with the uncertainty facing our province.

While Brian Gallant tries to draw this process out, so he can continue his efforts to lure one of my MLA’s across the floor, New Brunswick pays the price.

We are seeing daily warnings in the news about our credit rating possibly being downgraded because of the uncertainty our provinces is facing. A downgrade will only make our financial situation worse and hurt our economy.

It means that we will be paying more interest on our deficit and we can’t afford that.

There are other pressing issues too that affect the daily lives of New Brunswickers.

That is why we must get this dealt with and provide our province with a resolution as quickly as possible. New Brunswick needs a functioning government.

That is why I am once again calling on Brian Gallant to do the right thing and resign.

Brian Gallant is only delaying the inevitable. I think it is now clear that despite the spin he puts on it….my MLA’s are not for sale.

In fact, Mr. Gallant might want to focus more on the inner workings of his own party. From what I understand many within his own caucus are questioning his leadership.

Given that he lost a majority government what I am hearing doesn’t surprise me.

By anyone’s standards, Mr. Gallant lost the election.

I’m very encouraged that like myself David Coon wants an effective functioning legislature for all members. I am certain we are both taking away a better understanding of how we can work together.

It’s clear New Brunswickers want the legislature to embrace a spirit of cooperation and I am committed to that.

We are going to make the legislature work better and more inclusively for all of its members.