Our Platform

This one is for New Brunswick



I am excited to share with you our team’s plan to get better results for New Brunswick.

I’m excited because this platform is a reflection of the kind of campaign we are running. We faced a choice – we could do politics like we’ve seen it done for the past twenty years, or we could do something different.

Doing it the old way, we could identify the interest groups most likely to switch their votes and then try to buy their votes with expensive promises.

The new way meant speaking to voters as concerned citizens, and treating them with respect. It meant making promises we could keep and afford, and focusing our scarce resources on things that working families could actually see results from.

You’ve seen the different approaches during the last few months.  Mr. Gallant has been spending his next tax hike to get re-elected.  He’s promised to pave roads, he’s promised to pay everyone’s power bill hikes, even for those who are well-off, and he’s committed to billions in politically motivated projects that he didn’t dare put in his budget.

We have tried to find common-sense ideas that don’t cost much, but make a big difference. It doesn’t cost more to free up teachers from over-regulation and let them teach. It doesn’t require expensive new infrastructure to build a Blue Economy from oceans and coastlines. It doesn’t require new money to switch from studying poverty to helping families escape poverty. It actually saves money to empower nurses and pharmacists and paramedics to take the load off crowded ERs and overworked doctors.

We’ve had four years of Brian Gallant’s big spending without results.  Our platform has ideas to get results without big spending.

Our platform will balance the books without raising taxes or costing New Brunswickers their jobs.

We can come together as citizens and demand a more honest, more responsible, more effective approach.  We can say we want plans that may not be flashy or costly, but are honest and thoughtful.  We don’t need simple slogans or divisive politics.  We don’t need to vote in anger – we need to vote with wisdom and judgement.

We simply have to replace the politics of buying votes with policies for governing well.

Our team won’t offer expensive giveaways or trendy catchphrases.  We will offer thoughtful solutions to help employers create jobs, to help teachers inspire students, to help doctors treat patients, and to fix our finances.

Because that’s our job, and we are here to do our job well for you, and get real results.

Thank you!

Blaine Higgs