Our Party

Our priorities

Stronger economy


We choose to take advantage of the opportunities before us – to develop our natural resources, to promote innovation and to put in place the economic strategies that will allow business to grow and provide jobs. We’re saying yes to bringing our people home and building a stronger future for our province.

Stronger families


With additional investments in healthcare, social programs and infrastructure, we’ll strengthen the quality of life for all New Brunswickers, but particularly for families, seniors, and the most vulnerable.

Stronger future


We believe New Brunswick has an incredibly exciting and prosperous future. By putting all our resources to work here at home we can build the kind of province where we want to live, and the kind of province we want to leave our children and grandchildren. This is our time. This is New Brunswick’s time.

On the issues

New Brunswick’s literacy rate is unacceptably low. At less than 50%, it is a clear and present danger to our ability to advance our province. If we are to get the job done, our government’s educational policy must focus on curriculum that takes a literacy-first approach, with the necessary resources to achieve that goal. We must do better at teaching our children and adults to read.
Our education results just aren’t good enough. And what do we do with our broken system? We throw money at it. Since 2006, we have increased per student spending on education by 30%, while our enrolment has dropped by nearly 14%. In Canada, only Manitoba and Saskatchewan pay more per student. We have tinkered with our system for 35 years and haven’t solved the problem. We must do better at empowering teachers to reinvent the classroom.
New Brunswick’s heritage includes Indigenous, Anglophone and Francophone cultures. Achieving our full potential as a province depends on allowing each of these cultures to thrive, and on ensuring we achieve true bilingual capability through our education system. We need to do better at helping our young people become bilingual.

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