Gateways to the World 

It is easy to say that we will “stop all forms of business/corporate welfare” and yes, if it is welfare then I completely agree. Supporting businesses or infrastructure that clearly introduce new money or opportunities into the system is entirely a different matter. Providing an avenue for New Brunswick companies to export their products and/or […]

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Our Skills Gap Can Be Solved 

I recall a meeting with education officials when I was first elected and one of their key measurements of performance was that students were staying in school longer. I asked how this related to their capability upon graduation and what they did after graduating and I was told: “we do not track that.” We are […]

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Free Tuition Program Runs Amok 

It is common practice for governments to design and implement new policies to address vague commitments made during the election campaign process. This is often accompanied by a consultation process. Often more effort is placed on the communication of a consultation process rather than the actual consultation process itself. A new policy is generally formulated […]

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Civil Service

An Engaged Civil Service – Our Greatest Untapped Resource 

Operations in business or in government should mean the same thing, better service delivery for the customer. In business it is simple: you do it because you want to stay in business and continue your employment. In government, the “promise me more” not “promise me better” group gets elected. Priorities are determined through the election […]

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Aging Care in New Brunswick 

Background:  The cost of nursing home services in the Province of NB has increased by 300% since 2000-2001 (from $110M to $313M per year). This means that nursing home services now comprise over 28% of the total budget of Social Development. The portion of New Brunswickers aged 75 and older will double between 2016 and […]

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