Interim integrity commissioner appointed

FREDERICTON (GNB) – Charles Murray has been appointed as the interim integrity commissioner.

His appointment was effective on Jan. 1. Murray is performing the duties in an acting capacity while an independent process selects a replacement for Alexandre Deschênes, who resigned and left the position on Dec. 31. Deschênes was appointed conflict of interest commissioner in December 2016 and became New Brunswick’s first integrity commissioner on Dec. 16, 2016.

Murray was sworn in as Ombud of New Brunswick on July 3, 2013 for a seven-year term. He holds a bachelor of laws from the Dalhousie Law School and has had extensive experience in the public service, the federal government and in law. Murray will continue in his role as ombud as well as serving as acting integrity commissioner.

Leader of the Official Opposition Brian Gallant was consulted on the appointment of Murray.

The position of integrity commissioner was established on Dec. 16, 2016 when the Integrity Commissioner Act was adopted. The Office of the Integrity Commissioner is an independent office of the legislative assembly striving to encourage and sustain a culture of integrity and accountability. The office is responsible for administering the Members’ Conflict of Interest Act, which sets out acceptable standards of conduct for all members of the legislative assembly and of the executive council, and for the Lobbyists’ Registration Act to ensure transparency and accountability in the lobbying of public office holders. The office is also responsible for the administration of the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Personal Health Information Privacy and Access Act.