Aims and principles


If there is one thing that defines our Progressive Conservative Party more than anything else, it is that we truly do believe that a government is an extension of the will of the people. The choices we make are rooted in this philosophy.

If you would like to see how this philosophy translates to our principles, we invite you to review our aims and principles. There you will find where we stand on a range of issues. You may find it a tad dry, but we trust you will also find it reassuring and refreshing.


1. The will of people

We believe that government is an extension of the will of the people; therefore, we are responsible to answer to the people, which we accept. We will consult New Brunswickers on public policy matters before implementing solutions.


2. New Brunswick and Canada

We strive to build and preserve a prosperous, united New Brunswick within a prosperous, united Canada.


3. Equality of the two linguistic communities

We believe the diversity of our two linguistic communities is a unique strength of our province. We believe in official bilingualism, and that we must protect and promote culture and heritage, while treating each community with fairness and justice.


4. The individual

We respect the rights of the individual, but are mindful of the responsibilities, which those rights demand. It is by accepting responsibility and acting on their own initiative that people will achieve their full potential.


5. Free enterprise

The creation of prosperity can best be achieved by a free enterprise economy.


6. Living within our means

As managers of the public accounts, we must fulfill our fiscal and economic objectives –a diversified economy that will maximize employment in all regions and a fiscal plan that will protect essential programs while minimizing taxation.


7. Access to education and health care

The strength of our province is derived from our ability to educate our citizens and encourage a healthy lifestyle so that they may fulfill their potential, and by our ability to provide care for New Brunswickers when they are in need.


8. Social policies that promote individual responsibility

Our social programs should ensure dignified and meaningful lives for those who need assistance, but also recognize the importance of providing the support and resources necessary for an environment in which New Brunswickers can work together, be self-reliant and take responsibility for their own lives.


9. Protection of the environment

We must ensure that economic growth and resource development take place in an environmentally sustainable manner and that decisions taken reflect the shared role of government, business and individuals as stewards of the environment for current and future generations.


10. An open, accessible Party

We are a Party for all New Brunswickers. We welcome your thoughts, your efforts and your support of the aims and principles of the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick.



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