New Brunswick is rising to the challenge. Thanks to your hard-work and the strong leadership and economic management of Blaine Higgs and the New Brunswick PCs, New Brunswick is heading in the right direction.

With a successful background in business, Blaine Higgs knows how to create growth, manage money, and make hard choices. Strong leadership means confronting challenges boldly. He understands that future growth, better jobs, attracting talent, cutting taxes depends on cleaning up the fiscal mess the Liberals have left behind. For too long, New Brunswick has been borrowing far too much. This borrowing jeopardizes the services we depend on like schools, hospitals, and roads. It also sends a strong signal that New Brunswick is not a good place for businesses to invest and create jobs.

Strong leadership also means collaboration. Premier Higgs believes that the New Brunswick PCs don’t have a monopoly on good ideas. They must be welcomed wherever they are found, and that includes the opposition parties. He’s reached out to all parties and has given them meaningful input on government policies. The public good has to come before the party good.

With a lot of hard work and different thinking, Premier Higgs and the New Brunswick PC team are moving New Brunswick in the right direction. Why would we risk turning back now?


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