A PC Government will cut one thing – and here it is…

Fredericton, NB: There is no truer way to show our gratitude for the countless hours New Brunswick’s 4000 volunteer firefighters spend saving lives, than doing away with the fee they pay for their license plates.

“These brave men and women put their lives on the line to save others. Thank you is not enough,” says Blaine Higgs, leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick. “The least we could do is eliminate this unnecessary fee as a small show of our appreciation.”

Today Mr. Higgs committed to eliminating the surcharge for volunteer firefighters and other volunteer first-responder license plates.

This is in addition to the other commitments he made earlier this week related to vehicle taxation and ownership costs, including:

Charging HST on the actual purchase price of a vehicle, not an arbitrary
book value.

Working with industry and consumers to ensure we are legislating for the benefit of taxpayers – while protecting the system against those who might abuse it with fake receipts.

Eliminating the front license plate.

Creating an option to pay for vehicle registration every two years instead of annually.

“It’s a small gesture,” says Blaine Higgs, “but it’s our way of showing that we appreciate all that our volunteer first responders do for our communities.”