A PC Government will reduce wait times and heal our health care system

Platform announcement3 September 2018

Moncton, NB:  After four years of Brian Gallant’s neglect, our health care system is in trouble.

“Brian Gallant’s reckless spending has led to a neglect of the basics – including health care,” says Blaine Higgs, leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick. “Our long surgical wait times, our difficulties accessing specialists, and our inability to resolve family doctor shortages is not a new normal, it is bad government and we can change it.”

Today Mr. Higgs announced a pledge to reduce wait times for hip replacements, knee replacements, and gynaecological surgeries by 50%.

He also unveiled a three-pronged plan to combine smart investments with needed reforms in healthcare:

Recruit more doctors by scrapping the antiquated billing number system, harmonizing compensation and workload with other jurisdictions, and work with doctors and NBMS to find payment and recruitment models that support collaborative practice.

Train and retain more nurses by working with NBNU, RHAs and universities to remove barriers to accrediting New Brunswick nurses, including ensuring a fair, professional examination procedure for all New Brunswick nursing students.

Match patients with the right care by expanding the scope of practice for health professionals and investing in the Electronic Patient Record model to make it easier for patients to move about the system and see the right health care provider.

“New Brunswickers deserve world class health care,” says Higgs. “Delaying access to needed care through government mismanagement adds cost – but more importantly, it adds unnecessary suffering. That’s not good enough for me, and it shouldn’t be good enough for voters.”