A PC Government will launch a women’s health advisory council, establish a $5 million research trust, and better educate women about breast density and the associated breast cancer risks.

Platform announcement7 September 2018

Fredericton, NB:  Women’s health in New Brunswick is falling behind the national average. This means their overall wellness lags behind the experience of women in other provinces.

Team Higgs is going to shine a bright light on women’s health in New Brunswick.

“Women’s health in New Brunswick needs our focused attention,” says Blaine Higgs, leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick. “Wait times for gynaecological surgeries are unacceptably long, our breast cancer rates are above the national average, and gender-based violence is a serious issue.”

To keep a provincial focus on these important issues, a PC government will:

Establish a Provincial Advisory Council on Women’s Health through the New Brunswick Health Research Council with a mandate to contribute to research on women’s health issues; promote an understanding of gender as a critical variable in women’s health; and enhance the health system’s responsiveness to the needs and concerns of women and girls.

Establish the New Brunswick Women’s Health Research Trust with an initial endowment of $5 million, to be administered by the Advisory Council to fund research projects on women’s health issues.

Make it mandatory for primary care providers including family doctors and nurse practitioners to inform patients when mammogram results show they have dense breasts, as breast density is a significant risk factor for breast cancer.

“Our daughters, sisters and mothers deserve better health outcomes, and that’s a discussion we need to be having as a province,” says Higgs. “As a government we need to lead the way in creating the research required to change policy, change our approach, and change lives.”