A PC Government will improve access to ambulance service for New Brunswickers

Platform13 September 2018

Minto, NB:  New Brunswickers know our health care system is in trouble – and that diagnosis is most acute in the area of ambulance service.

Brian Gallant is trying to pass off rapid response vehicles as a solution, but they are not.

“We understand the importance of providing health care services in both official languages,” says Blaine Higgs, leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick. “But right now, we find ourselves in a situation where people needing emergency care aren’t getting it – this is a matter of life and death.”

Today Mr. Higgs announced a PC government will:

Work with Ambulance NB to allow for local deployment of paramedics, thus reducing their need to travel while at the same time improving patient access to high quality care.

Ensure ambulances are not taken off the roads due to language-related staffing issues. To ensure the health care of our citizens is top priority we will hire for skill and train for language.

Examine other barriers that are impacting paramedic recruitment in New Brunswick.

“This is something we need to get right, and we need to do it now,” says Higgs. “Our paramedics can’t save lives if their ambulances are parked.”