A PC Government will give teachers the freedom to teach

Platform announcement12 September 2018

Moncton, NB:  PC Leader Blaine Higgs unveiled a plan to ensure that New Brunswick teachers can help our children succeed in reading, writing and math after four years of falling test results under the Gallant Liberals.

“Brian Gallant has squandered our best assets – our teachers and educators,” says Blaine Higgs, leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick. “He began his term by firing nearly 250 teachers to pay for his reckless election promises. Then we lost focus on learning by bogging schools down with political goals like the nutrition policy.  It’s time we learn from leading jurisdictions and give teachers the resources and freedom need to teach.”

Mr. Higgs will fill the gaps in the Ten-Year Education Plan and make sure New Brunswick schools are among the best in Canada by:

Giving teachers more freedom. A PC Government will introduce the Teacher Freedom Act to let local teaching teams have more influence on matters ranging from courses and materials. to curriculum. It will also implement a Red Tape Reduction Plan to reduce the non-teaching workload on teachers.

Creating a better learning environment by reviewing policies and engaging teaching teams to give input and help address classroom composition in a timely manner. We want to ensure every child is reaching their full learning potential.

Improving our success rate at becoming bilingual. A 10% success rate for French immersion training in a bilingual province just isn’t good enough.   

“While Brian Gallant spends away our children’s future, a PC Government will work with teachers to improve our education system.” says Higgs.  “Wait times are up, literacy scores are down and young people are leaving.  A PC government will put public education ahead of the political agenda so that we get results.”