A PC government will expand our ocean-based economic potential

Platform announcement30 August 2018

Bouctouche, NB: The Gallant Liberals have allowed our ocean-based “Blue Economy” to fall behind – shutting the door on a trillion-dollar global market.

“From not focusing more effort on fisheries exports, to allowing us to fall behind on tidal energy,” says Progressive Conservative leader Blaine Higgs, “the Liberals have failed to take advantage of the economic opportunity represented by our enormous coastline.”

If elected on September 24th, New Brunswickers can expect a PC government to:

Prioritize the Blue Economy as an economic development tool.

Help coastal communities grab a greater share of the multi-trillion-dollar global tourism industry.

Instruct NB Power to work with coastal communities to develop proposals for offshore renewable energy projects.

Incentivize ocean-based research and product commercialization at our post-secondary institutions.

Promote New Brunswick’s coastal communities to businesses and investors worldwide.

Attract a greater share of the $1.5 billion marine transport industry.

Team Higgs is bringing hope and a plan to the people of coastal New Brunswick. We recognize that our coastlines and waterways can be an important resource for job creation and a tool to help us continue to meet our Paris carbon targets without the need for a job-killing carbon tax.

“New Brunswickers need to know that the Blue Economy is an untapped resource for our province. Team Higgs will make it a priority, which will create jobs and attract tourism to coastal communities around the province,” says Higgs. “The potential is right there. We just have to grab it.”