A PC Government will empower New Brunswick municipalities

Platform announcement31 August 2018

Hanwell, NB:  Municipalities are the engines that drive our economy, and the Gallant Liberals have stood by while our cities are starved of the fuel they need to propel us toward prosperity.

“Our cities are asking for help – and we hear them loud and clear,” says Blaine Higgs, leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick. “It’s time to stop tweaking and start taking real action.”

If elected on September 24th, New Brunswickers can expect a PC government to:

overhaul the Local Governance Act to give municipalities greater control over their own affairs – including greater powers over taxation and property assessment.

conduct an audit of all regulations that should be controlled by municipal governments.

support regionalization and partnerships.

remove the “for profit” restrictions on city-owned utilities.

foster community-driven economic growth initiatives.

The PC party understands this simple truth: a prosperous municipality means more opportunities and better quality of life for the people who live there.

“Growing our economy is the goal, and our municipalities can lead the way,” says Higgs. “We just need to give them the tools they need to do it.”