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Blaine Higgs

A good idea is a good idea

Partisanship is no reason to abandon what is working for our province. It should not be about ego and it should not be about politics – it should be about making New Brunswick better.

Give experts the tools and time they need to succeed

Solving the complex challenges of our province requires engaging the appropriate subject matter experts. A true leader builds the right organization to meet the necessary targets and timelines.

The solutions are right here in New Brunswick

Let’s mobilize our best assets and get the job done. It is time for action. We must allow anyone with ideas to become engaged citizens and the leaders we need.

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Stronger future

We believe New Brunswick has an incredibly exciting and prosperous future. By putting all our resources to work here at home we can build the kind of province where we want to live, and the kind of province we want to leave our children and grandchildren. This is our time. This is New Brunswick’s time.

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Stronger families

With additional investments in healthcare, social programs and infrastructure, we’ll strengthen the quality of life for all New Brunswickers, but particularly for families, seniors, and the most vulnerable.

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Stronger economy

We choose to take advantage of the opportunities before us – to develop our natural resources, to promote innovation and to put in place the economic strategies that will allow business to grow and provide jobs. We’re saying yes to bringing our people home and building a stronger future for our province.

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